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 Madonna Meets Lord Jagannath


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Madonna Meets Lord Jagannath


USA (VNN) - Badrinarayan dasa

Lord Jagannath is "Jaga Natha" - the Lord of the Universe, and He performs His pastimes in His own mystical way. As it is said, "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players". But behind the scene is the real director of this worldly play, the eternal Supreme Lord.

Madonna is a world famous singer and actress adored by millions of fans and world renowned for setting style and fashion. For the moment, she is dancing center stage. Now there is more to the story:

At this year's Los Angeles Ratha Yatra the daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Purna Patnaik (Laboni, Shivani, and Shalni) performed on the main stage. (They are expert in Odissi classical dance, from Orissa, the Land of Jagannath.) I have known the Patnaik family for many years and they are very intelligent and humble devotees. The daughters' dancing and lyrics are all about pure devotion to Lord Jagannath.

Turns out that Madonna's personal secretary was in the crowd at the festival and was stunned by the girls' expertise and the mood of the dance. She told Madonna about the girls, Madonna got the Patnaik's number and phoned about getting a video tape of their dancing.

Evidently Madonna is feeling some frustration with material life. Having everything can have in that sphere, fame, power, money, she still finds that she is not satisfied and has become very interested in India and its spiritual traditions.

To make a long story short, she has been going back and forth with the Patnaiks and here's the result. Madonna is the lead host for the upcoming MTV awards, seen by millions around the world. For the grand opening of the program Madonna will chanting Vedic verses, while the Patnaik sisters dance for Lord Jagannath live on the stage.

I never thought I would be saying this, but now I have a reason to. Tune into MTV and check this out for yourself. It will be broadcast on Thurs. Sept. 10th at 8pm. MTV Awards Night.

All glories to Lord Jagannath and His pastimes.



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