Odissi Dance Ensemble of India

"One of the most luminous dance events of the year. In addition to impressive technical expertise, they performed with a burnished grace, a selfless concentration, and a depth that reflected their intensive training in dance, music, literature, language, and philosophy." New York Times

The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble is far more than just another dance company. It is an ensemble of inspired and creative individuals who push themselves to the absolute limits of their abilities. The dancers of this ensemble have lived together for the past six years in the traditional 'Guru-Shishya Parampara' method. Here dance trainees live in isolation, perfecting their dance technique which includes a learning of Indian mythology, ancient epics, Sanskrit poetry, yoga, meditation, martial arts, and creative movement.

The ensemble is acclaimed nationally and internationally for high caliber and compelling dance theater. Classical yet accessible, the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble pushes the boundaries of dance and theatre, creating meaning with powerful imagery and intriguing dance.

Odissi is a classical dance style from North-East India dating back to the 2nd century BC, making it the oldest dance form in India and perhaps in the world. Originally performed in temples as a sacred ritual dedicated to the gods, Odissi is marked by its sensuousness and lyricism, with movements that reflect the divine sculptural motifs of the temples of Orissa.

A dance of love and passion, Odissi is an everlasting synthesis of divinity and humanity. Its sculpturesque quality is breathtaking while its intricate rhythmic patterns of footwork, along with the pulsating energy, the force and lightning- like speed of feet, and body movements are a sheer pleasure to experience.

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