Guide : Guru Gangadhar Pradhan


Chief Instructor

Sangeeta Hazarika


Located in the solubrious surroundings of Nizorapur, Chandmari, Guwahati, Sangeeta Natya Akademi, an extension of Odissi Dance Academy has completed ten years of existenc. This institute has been able in its efforts to impart the true intricacies of Odissi to its disciples with rigorous schedule of training and exercises.The chief instructor, Sangeeta Hazarika hailing from Golaghat, the cradle of Assam's music and culture had her professional training in Bhubaneswar under the direct guidance of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan.

The Sangeeta Nritya Akademi imbibes the Guru Shishya tradition and carries out its tasks and responsibilities assdiously with strict disciplines and regularity. Apart from concentrating on the all round development of the personality and integrity of the pupils, the institute has been trying to induce professionalism and a respect for values among its students.