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  The most interesting item in a Gotipua dance performance is Bandha Nrutya. Though strictly not an item of Odissi, it is still performed by the Gotipuas and few girl artists of Orissa. Bandha Nrutya is a dance with acrobatic poses and movements. The difficult & intricate poses of the body with suppling of various limbs are known as Bandha in Oriya, so the dance with these poses is called Bandha Nrutya.

 Abhinaya Chandrika, a treatise on Odissi dance states that Bandha Nrutya is very difficult & painful to the danseuse. It is only possible during the period of  adolescence and becomes difficult after youth. While the western ballet has retained its acrobatic features, in Orissa the tradition is dying out. Now the modern tendency is to relinquish whatever is strenous, difficult & time taking.